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How to collaborate with us?

Collaboration with SEPIE

Collaboration with SEPIE

Can SEPIE organise activities without the need to sign an agreement beforehand?

Yes, in compliance with the functions of promoting internationalisation set out in its statutes, SEPIE is responsible for organising activities to disseminate the Spanish university system or meetings on opportunities for collaboration with foreign partners (such as delegations from other countries visiting Spain or staff from accredited embassies in Madrid).

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Another function of SEPIE is to improve the reception of foreign students, lecturers and researchers in Spain as well as Spaniards abroad. Therefore, we manage mobility programmes, coordinating the participating partners (Spanish universities, governments and foreign institutions and beneficiaries of the programme).

How are these mobility programmes managed?

Through a collaboration agreement that binds the two parties to specific and enforceable legal commitments.

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What bilateral programmes does SEPIE currently manage?

We have signed agreements with Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador and Paraguay, and are negotiating new agreements with other interested countries.

¿Qué programas bilaterales gestiona el SEPIE en la actualidad?

Are there other ways of collaborating with SEPIE?

Yes, by signing general Protocols or Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs), which are statements of intent with general content, which do not involve legal commitments.

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Collaboration with universities

Collaboration with universities

In accordance with its statutes, SEPIE will carry out actions that contribute to increased internationalisation of the Spanish university system. Thus, it promotes the strengthening of cooperative relationships in the university sphere and acts as a "point of contact" between foreign and Spanish higher education institutions.

If your institution is interested in collaborating with a Spanish university, please fill in this form so that SEPIE can contact the universities that best cater for your interests or have the required profile.



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